Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Plot Thickens

You surely recognize my car, with which I am inextricably linked. Well, today that car was the subject of an office-wide email, which no less than fifty people received. The subject line was "Green Cadillac," and the email itself said this, and this alone:
"Does anyone know who the owner is of the older green Cadillac that has been parking in our lot on a regular basis?"
I am that owner! Apparently my car is so awesome that people assume I am parking illegally in private lots to escape the high costs of parking meters--something like $0.25 for a half-hour in most of Traverse City. I mean, how else would a person afford the monthly payments on such an automobile, other than cutting corners when it comes to parking meters? Really, I understand why people would ask these sorts of questions.


  1. Is there going to be a follow-up post? There are so many questions left unanswered... Did you respond to the email? Did anyone respond to your response? Will they be providing you with a company car if they think yours is not befitting a man of your stature? So many questions.

  2. I agree with Kate. Clearly we need more details, Scott.

  3. this is awesome. If you were "illegally" parking in the lot outside my work, I would have already gathered your model,make,year, and plate #'s... and turned you into the police! hah.

  4. Ha, okay, more details: I quickly followed up with an "oh, that's mine, should I be parking elsewhere, I don't have a parking pass for the non-partner lot, and was told not to worry about it since we're moving in a month" email.

    In the meantime, a new all-office email went out, which simply stated: "Cadillac owner--FOUND." Subsequently, I was assured that I can park there, and that the initial email went out because someone in the office was concerned that the car belonged to a "local" who discovered our "free parking." I am that local!

    Apparently my car is not quite black, foreign, or SUV enough to fit in just yet.